Recommendation R20010019

Recommendation issued to: Consumer and Business Affairs

Recommendation details
Output No: R20010019
Date issued: 30 March 2001
Safety action status:

See report 'Systemic Investigation into Fuel Contamination'.

Output text

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau recommends that Consumer and Business Affairs Victoria review its relationship with other regulatory bodies to clarify the limits of their respective regulatory powers and responsibilities with respect to aviation fuels, to ensure that aviation safety issues are effectively regulated.

Initial response
Date issued: 12 December 2000
Response from: Consumer and Business Affairs
Action status: Monitor
Response text:

Consumer and Business Affairs Victoria has no issue with the proposed recommendation. Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

Further correspondence
Date issued: 30 September 2002
Response from: Consumer and Business Affairs
Response status: Monitor
Response text:


I refer to your letter of 14 April 2002 regarding the Australian Transport Safety Bureau's ("ATSB") investigation into contaminated aviation gasoline, and your request for a response from Consumer & Business Affairs 'Victoria ("CBAV") regarding recommendations.

A letter was sent to [name supplied] of the ATSB on 12 December 2000 in response to the draft report of the investigation. A copy of that letter is attached for your information.

As advised, CBAV does not administer any legislation which controls the specifications for fuels, including aviation fuel. CBAV is responsible for the administration of the Fair Trading Act 1999 ("the Act"), and in certain circumstances may investigate the supply of fuel where there is evidence that the supplier has made false or misleading representations regarding the quality of the fuel. These matters may give rise to offences under section 10 and 12 of the Act.

CBAV may receive complaints from consumers through its call centre regarding aviation fuel contamination, and to this end it could play a role in advising such consumers of measures that can be taken to address the issues. As such, it seems appropriate the CBAV be involved in any meeting of regulatory bodies, to discuss responsibilities and obtain information which might assist with consumer enquiries.

Please feel free to contact [name supplied] on [telephone number supplied] to discuss this matter further.

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