Recommendation R20000190

Recommendation issued to: Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Recommendation details
Output No: R20000190
Date issued: 01 June 2001
Safety action status: 0
Background: Why this Recommendation was developed

Output text

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau recommends that the Civil Aviation Safety Authority advise Australian operators of Bell 206B III series helicopters of the finding of this accident and revise the calendar requirement for the lubrication of the hydraulic pump splines.

Initial response
Date issued: 20 March 2002
Response from: Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Action status: Closed - Accepted
Response text:

A direction under CAR 38(1) of the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 was forwarded to all Certificate of Registration holders of Bell Helicopter Textron (BHT) JetRanger 206 A and B Series Helicopters on 25 May 2001.

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