Recommendation R20000129

Recommendation issued to: Defence Evaluation and Researcg Agency (UK)

Recommendation details
Output No: R20000129
Date issued: 30 March 2001
Safety action status:

See report 'Systemic Investigation into Fuel Contamination'.

Output text

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau recommends that the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (UK) develops and promulgates definitions for necessary physical and chemical properties of aviation fuels that are not currently defined, whether these are expected to be tested as a part of batch specification or not.

Initial response
Date issued: 22 February 2001
Response from: Defence Evaluation and Researcg Agency (UK)
Action status: Closed - Accepted
Response text:

The action we are currently taking is that we are in discussions with the members of the Aviation Fuels Committee, as to some suitable wording to be placed in the specifications. Any additions to the specification must be agreed by the AFC members in full, but the executive committee is where the initial work is done and initial decisions are taken.

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