Recommendation R19990197

Recommendation issued to: Kawasaki Heavy Industries

Recommendation details
Output No: R19990197
Date issued: 15 June 2000
Safety action status:
Background: Why this Recommendation was developed

Output text

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau recommends that Kawasaki Heavy Industries clarify the bolt-tightening instructions contained in Service Bulletin 305 to establish if an allowance should be made for the frictional torque effects of self-locking nuts.

As a result of technical analysis of the fan blade failures, the Bureau simultaneously issues the following recommendations:


The Australian Transport Safety Bureau recommends that the Civil Aviation Safety Authority alert helicopter maintenance organisations and all aircraft maintenance engineers to the potentially detrimental effects of painting engine-cooling fans.


The Australian Transport Safety Bureau recommends that the Civil Aviation Safety Authority alert all aircraft maintenance engineers, especially those conducting nondestructive inspections, to the detrimental effects that may be created in critical components by the abrasion of surfaces during general cleaning or cleaning in preparation for nondestructive inspection.

Initial response
Date issued: 08 August 2000
Response from: Kawasaki Heavy Industries
Action status: Closed - Accepted
Response text:

AA. KHI is very surprised to realize that engine cooling fan s/n A34-08516 was of Bell Helicopter manufacture, although it seems that you had been informed this information by Bell Helicopter Textron facsimile dated 10-18-95. As we had been reiterated so far that "incorrect cooling fan had been used on damaged VH-KEB", we deeply regret that you had not kept KHI informed so that our understanding should be revised.

BB. As the circumstances has been altered, we concluded that it might be better for KHI to revise KH4 Maintenance Instructions to reflect your recommendation letter R19990197. Please refer to the DRAFT copy of next revision, which clarifies the general fastening application and incorporates KSB-BELL-305.

CC. We are preparing to issue this revision in September, 2000. Should you require additional information, please contact us.

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