Safety Advisory Notice SAN19980240

Safety Advisory Notice issued to: Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Recommendation details
Output No: SAN19980240
Date issued: 02 March 1999
Safety action status: Closed

See report `Regional Airlines Safety Study'

Output text

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority should note the safety deficiency identified in this document and take appropriate action. As a result of the investigation into this safety deficiency, the Bureau simultaneously issues Safety Advisory Notices SAN980262 and SAN980263 to operators of regional airlines and maintenenace certificate of approval holders respectively, to alert them to this safety deficiency.

Initial response
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Further correspondence
Date issued: 16 April 1999
Response from: Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Response text:

The responsibilities of certificate of approval holders, operators or flight crew to record/report all aircraft defects are clearly required by regulation 50 and 248 of CAR 1988. Also, a CASA published information booklet "Aircraft Maintenance - A Pilots Guide" was raised some time ago to highlight a pilot's role with regard to maintenance and the recording of defects. Contrary to this, persons engaged in maintenance on an aircraft need only endorse defects or conditions on a maintenance release that ground an aircraft. Refer to regulation 47 of CAR 1988 for details. The maintenance release concept will be replaced in the future by a requirement for an Aircraft Flight and Technical Log. The use of this log will be a requirement for all aircraft and will be supported by way of an Advisory Circular. This log will contain a deferred defects section for recording all defects carried forward by an appropriate licensed aircraft maintenance engineer. The changeover to a new system has, and will in the future, generate a great deal of discussion with pilots, engineers and maintenance organisations. This can only be welcomed, as the need for continued education and a change of culture is obviously necessary. In the meantime, it is recommended that this matter be further addressed within CASA by the Compliance and Enforcement Division.

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