Interim Recommendation IR19980269

Interim Recommendation issued to: Kendell Airlines (Aust) Pty Ltd

Recommendation details
Output No: IR19980269
Date issued: 18 December 1998
Safety action status:
Background: Why this Interim Recommendation was developed

Output text

The Bureau of Air Safety Investigation recommends that Kendell Airlines note the circumstances of the above occurrence and alert their aircrew accordingly.

The Bureau of Air Safety Investigation simultaneously issues this interim recommendation to Hazelton Airlines, Macair and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority as IR980270, IR980271 and IR980272 respectively.

The Bureau also issues related interim recommendations IR980273 and IR980274 to the Saab Aircraft AB.

Initial response
Date issued: 01 April 1999
Response from: Kendell Airlines (Aust) Pty Ltd
Action status: Closed - Accepted
Response text:

The company has taken the following action:

The sequence has been flown in the simulator and under certain circumstances the Sim will stall at approx. 150 kts with the necessary stall warning indications. The aircraft has the potential to stall WITHOUT these warnings

2. The next two Sim sessions will have some element of icing problems and an exercise involving unusual altitudes.

3.The particular aircraft has been test flown by [a company pilot] and C.A.S.A. with various stalling configurations and the aircraft performed normally to AFM criteria.

4.BASI have compiled a video of the incident and after some fine-tuning we will be scheduling ALL crew to view this video as a learning tool. It will also be included in future courses.

5.The holding pattern speed for SAAB has been increased to 170 kts in the interim. New speed data cards are to be supplied which will indicate two VHOLD speeds
(a)Min speed when holding in icing conditions - 170 kts (less than + 50 in cloud)
(b)Min speed when holding in non-icing conditions will remain at the present Vp clean speed.

6. More emphasis will be placed during training on icing considerations and speed management when holding. It is obvious that when holding power MUST be increased when initiating the turn to ensure that speed does not decay below VHOLD.

7.SAAB speeds are now to be considered as MINIMUM speeds when holding.

8.A recommendation was issued to all turbo prop manufactures to include in their manuals the order to disconnect the autopilot when holding in icing conditions. This in now Kendell Airlines policy for the SAAB. "When holding in icing conditions the autopilot is to disengaged and the procedure is to be hand flown".

9.There is still some debate regarding the effectiveness of the deicing boots in the continuous mode due to the possibility of "bridging". If you consider the ice build up to be excessive do no hesitate to use the auto cycle system to give maximum protection. "This applies to Metro and SAAB".

Monitoring all aspects of aircraft performance is important. When operating in icing or potential icing conditions it is "CRITICAL" that both crew monitor the aircraft performance and operation at ALL times.


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