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Safety publications
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21-Nov-1996Reported Bird Strikes in Australia
21-Nov-1994Report into the Frequency of Breakdowns in Co-ordination Between Australian Air Traffic and Indonesian Services
21-Nov-1996Regional Airlines Safety Study: Preliminary Information Paper
17-May-1999Regional Airlines Safety Study Project
11-Jan-2007Regional Airline Line Operations Safety Audit
01-Jan-2004Railway Accident Fatalities: Australia Compared With Other OECD Countries, 1980-1999
01-Jan-2004Rail Safety Data in Australia at the National Level: An Overview
11-Jul-2008Rail Safety Bulletin - 'ATSB rail safety investigation: key lessons learnt'
28-Jun-2007Radiotelephony Readback Compliance and its Relationship to Surface Movement Control Frequency Congestion
13-Jul-2006Public Attitudes, Perceptions and Behaviours towards Cabin Safety Communications
01-Jun-1999Proactively Monitoring Airline Safety Performance: INDICATE (Identifying Needed Defences in the Civil Aviation Transport Environment)
15-Jun-2018Power plant failures in turboprop-powered aircraft 2012 to 2016
19-Jun-2014Power plant failures in turbofan-powered aircraft 2008 to 2012
27-Jun-2005Power loss related accidents involving twin-engine aircraft
24-Jan-2007Pilot Incapacitation: Analysis of Medical Conditions Affecting Pilots Involved in Accidents and Incidents
17-Jul-2013Pilot experience and performance in an airline environment
15-Dec-2006Perceived Pilot Workload and Perceived Safety of RNAV (GNSS) Approaches
10-Jun-2008Passenger health - the risk posed by infectious disease in the aircraft cabin
28-Mar-2006Organising for flight safety
25-Apr-2005Night Vision Goggles in Civil Helicopter Operations
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