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Safety publications
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28-Aug-2018Corporate Plan 2018–19
30-Aug-2018Managing the use of pitot probe covers at Brisbane Airport
15-Oct-2018Annual Report 2017-18
14-Nov-2018Exploration of change in aviation gasoline lead content in northern Australia on reported engine–related occurrences
21-Dec-2018Aviation Occurrence Statistics 2008 to 2017
22-Jan-2019Fatigue experiences and culture in Australian commercial air transport pilots
15-Feb-2019Analysis of Wake Turbulence Occurrences at Sydney Airport 2012–2016
13-Mar-2019Australian aviation wildlife strike statistics 2008 – 2017
28-Mar-2019Replacement of self-locking nuts on Robinson helicopters
22-May-2019Is incipient spin training permitted in your aircraft?
22-Aug-2019Accidents involving Visual Flight Rules pilots in Instrument Meteorological Conditions
30-Aug-2019Corporate Plan 2019–20
01-Oct-2019Information and guidelines for aerodrome operators
14-Oct-2019Annual Report 2018-19
17-Oct-2019Upper torso restraints can reduce injuries and save lives. Are they fitted to all seats in your aircraft?
20-Dec-2019Are you operating your amateur-built helicopter as designed?
23-Apr-2020Rescue hoist cable failure
29-Apr-2020Aviation Occurrence Statistics 2010 to 2019
22-May-2020A safety analysis of aerial firefighting occurrences in Australia, July 2000 to March 2020
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