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Safety publications
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21-Jun-1996Advanced Technology Aircraft Phase Two
21-Sep-1996Aviation Safety Indicators 1996
21-Nov-1996Regional Airlines Safety Study: Preliminary Information Paper
21-Nov-1996Reported Bird Strikes in Australia
21-Jan-1997An Analysis of Incidents Involving Aircrew Failing to Comply with Air Traffic Clearances June to August 1996
21-Jan-1997TCAS in Australia
15-Feb-1997Survey of Australian Agricultural Aviation Accidents & Incidents 1986-1995
14-Jun-1997Human Factors in Airline Maintenance: A Study of Incident Reports
14-Jun-1997Aircraft Maintenance Safety Survey
21-Sep-1997Violations of Controlled Airspace - Special Study 1997
21-Sep-1997Aviation Safety Indicators 1997
21-Oct-1997The Clarity and Accessibility of NOTAM Information for the Aviation Industry
21-Jun-1998Advanced Technology Aircraft Safety Survey Report
14-Aug-1998Systemic Investigation into Factors Underlying Air Safety Occurrences in Sydney Terminal Area Airspace
13-May-1999Reason in the method: why we need a reporting culture
17-May-1999Regional Airlines Safety Study Project
01-Jun-1999Proactively Monitoring Airline Safety Performance: INDICATE (Identifying Needed Defences in the Civil Aviation Transport Environment)
08-Oct-1999See and Avoid
14-Nov-1999Systemic Investigation into the Class G Airspace Demonstration
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