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Safety publications
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26-Jun-2008Australian Aviation Safety in Review: 2002 to 2006
30-Jun-2009Australian Aviation Safety in Review: 1998 to 2007
23-Mar-2007Australian Aviation Safety in Review
21-Sep-1987Australian Aviation Occurrences Involving Fuel Starvation and Exhaustion 1969 - 1986
19-Jan-2003Australian Aviation Accidents Involving Fuel Exhaustion and Starvation
01-Nov-2006ATSB Transport Safety Research Report Fatal Aircraft Accidents: Far North Queensland in Context
14-Mar-2001ATSB Systemic Investigation into Fuel Contamination
26-Feb-2001ATSB Survey of Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in Australia
23-May-2004ATSB Aviation Safety Survey - Safety Climate Factors
18-Jun-2004ATSB Aviation Safety Survey - Common Flying Errors
03-Jul-2006Assessing Institutional Resilience: A useful guide for airline safety managers?
26-Jun-2008Analysis, Causality and Proof in Safety Investigations
14-Mar-2006Analysis of fatality trends involving civil aviation aircraft in Australian airspace between 1990 and 2005
03-Dec-2007An overview of spatial disorientation as a factor in aviation accidents and incidents
23-May-2006An Assessment of General Aviation Pilot Performance During Simulated Flight
25-Oct-2006An Analysis of In-flight Passenger Injuries and Medical Conditions: 1 January 1975 to 31 March 2006
21-Jan-1997An Analysis of Incidents Involving Aircrew Failing to Comply with Air Traffic Clearances June to August 1996
20-May-2014An analysis of fumes and smoke events in Australia from 2008 to 2012: A joint initiative of Australian aviation safety agencies
30-Jun-2008An analysis of Australian birdstrike occurrences 2002 to 2006
26-Jun-2009Amateur-built and experimental aircraft - Part 1: A survey of owners and builders of VH- registered non-factory aircraft
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