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Safety publications
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29-Jun-2006Wire-strike Accidents in General Aviation: Data Analysis 1994 to 2004
21-Jul-1991Wire strikes - A Technical Analysis
21-Jun-1993Violations of Controlled Airspace: Special Study 1993
21-Feb-1995Violations of Controlled Airspace: A Review of Occurrences January 1991 - June 1994
21-Sep-1997Violations of Controlled Airspace - Special Study 1997
29-Jun-2012Under reporting of aviation wirestrikes
20-Dec-2007Trends in immediately reportable matters involving regular public transport operations
17-Apr-2009Trends in immediately reportable matters involving charter operations 2001 to 2006
24-Jun-2009Threat and Error Management: Attitudes towards training and applicability of TEM to general aviation and low capacity air transport operations
21-Dec-1993The Status of Commercial Passenger Operations in Turbine Powered Single Engine Aeroplanes
21-Feb-1988The possibility of G-induced loss of consciousness (G-LOC) during aerobatics in light aircraft
21-Dec-1993The Operation of Regular Public Transport (RPT) Aircraft in Mandatory Traffic Advisory Frequency (MTAF') Airspace
15-Apr-1995The Operation of Ground Proximity Warning Systems (GPWS): A Review of Warnings April - December 1994
01-Apr-2005The interpretation and use of weather radar displays in aviation
27-Mar-2007The Impacts of Australian Transcontinental 'Back of Clock' Operations on Sleep and Performance in Commercial Aviation Flight Crew
19-Mar-2003The Hazard Posed to Aircraft by Birds
10-Jul-2017The effect of Australian aviation weather forecasts on aircraft operations:Adelaide and Mildura Airports, Australia
21-Feb-1984The Cost of Aircraft Accidents in Australia: With Preliminary Cost Estimates for 1980
21-Oct-1997The Clarity and Accessibility of NOTAM Information for the Aviation Industry
21-Nov-1993Testing for Drugs and Alcohol
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