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Safety publications
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04-Nov-2020Aviation Occurrence Statistics (rates update) 2010 to 2019
22-May-2020A safety analysis of aerial firefighting occurrences in Australia, July 2000 to March 2020
15-Feb-2019Analysis of Wake Turbulence Occurrences at Sydney Airport 2012–2016
22-Jan-2019Fatigue experiences and culture in Australian commercial air transport pilots
14-Nov-2018Exploration of change in aviation gasoline lead content in northern Australia on reported engine–related occurrences
15-Jun-2018Power plant failures in turboprop-powered aircraft 2012 to 2016
09-Aug-2017A safety analysis of remotely piloted aircraft systems 2012 to 2016: A rapid growth and safety implications for traditional aviation
10-Jul-2017The effect of Australian aviation weather forecasts on aircraft operations:Adelaide and Mildura Airports, Australia
16-Sep-2016Aerial application safety 2015-2016 year in review
09-Mar-2016Engine failures and malfunctions in light aeroplanes 2009 - 2014
10-Jul-2015Aerial application safety: 2014 to 2015 year in review
09-Dec-2014Australian aviation wildlife strike statistics 2004 to 2013
19-Jun-2014Power plant failures in turbofan-powered aircraft 2008 to 2012
20-May-2014An analysis of fumes and smoke events in Australia from 2008 to 2012: A joint initiative of Australian aviation safety agencies
01-Nov-2013Stall warnings in high capacity aircraft: The Australian context 2008 to 2012
18-Oct-2013Loss of separation between aircraft in Australian airspace, January 2008 to June 2012
17-Jul-2013Pilot experience and performance in an airline environment
21-May-2013A review of the effectiveness of emergency locator transmitters in aviation accidents
26-Mar-2013Amateur-built aircraft Part 2: Analysis of accidents involving VH-registered non-factory-built aeroplanes 1988-2010
29-Jun-2012Under reporting of aviation wirestrikes
04-Jun-2012Australian aviation wildlife strike statistics: Bird and animal strikes 2002 to 2011
11-Aug-2011Aviation Safety Research and Analysis Publications 1984-2011
24-Jan-2011Take-off performance calculation and entry errors: A global perspective
22-Dec-2010Aircraft loading occurrences July 2003 to June 2010
10-Dec-2010Evaluation of the Human Factors Analysis and Classification System as a predictive model
10-Nov-2010Safety in the vicinity of non-towered aerodromes
30-Jun-2010Factors influencing misaligned take-off occurrences at night
30-Jun-2010Australian aviation wildlife strike statistics: Bird and animal strikes 2002 to 2009
16-Jun-2010Ground operations occurrences at Australian airports 1998 to 2008
30-Jun-2009Australian Aviation Safety in Review: 1998 to 2007
26-Jun-2009Amateur-built and experimental aircraft - Part 1: A survey of owners and builders of VH- registered non-factory aircraft
26-Jun-2009Runway excursions, Part 2: Minimising the likelihood and consequences of runway excursions, An Australian perspective
24-Jun-2009Threat and Error Management: Attitudes towards training and applicability of TEM to general aviation and low capacity air transport operations
17-Apr-2009Trends in immediately reportable matters involving charter operations 2001 to 2006
02-Apr-2009Runway excursions: Part 1 - A worldwide review of commercial jet aircraft runway excursions
30-Jun-2008An analysis of Australian birdstrike occurrences 2002 to 2006
26-Jun-2008Analysis, Causality and Proof in Safety Investigations
26-Jun-2008Australian Aviation Safety in Review: 2002 to 2006
10-Jun-2008Passenger health - the risk posed by infectious disease in the aircraft cabin
09-Jun-2008Fibre composite aircraft - capability and safety
20-Dec-2007Trends in immediately reportable matters involving regular public transport operations
19-Dec-2007CFIT: Australia in context 1996 to 2005
03-Dec-2007An overview of spatial disorientation as a factor in aviation accidents and incidents
22-Nov-2007Aircraft Reciprocating-Engine Failure: An Analysis of Failure in a Complex Engineered System
02-Oct-2007Robinson R22 helicopter aerial mustering usage investigation
28-Jun-2007Radiotelephony Readback Compliance and its Relationship to Surface Movement Control Frequency Congestion
28-Jun-2007Fixed and rotary-wing aircraft accidents involving private operations
27-Mar-2007The Impacts of Australian Transcontinental 'Back of Clock' Operations on Sleep and Performance in Commercial Aviation Flight Crew
23-Mar-2007Australian Aviation Safety in Review
06-Feb-2007How Old is Too Old? The impact of ageing aircraft on aviation safety
30-Jan-2007Human factors analysis of Australian aviation accidents and comparison with the United States
24-Jan-2007Pilot Incapacitation: Analysis of Medical Conditions Affecting Pilots Involved in Accidents and Incidents
11-Jan-2007Regional Airline Line Operations Safety Audit
15-Dec-2006Perceived Pilot Workload and Perceived Safety of RNAV (GNSS) Approaches
01-Nov-2006ATSB Transport Safety Research Report Fatal Aircraft Accidents: Far North Queensland in Context
25-Oct-2006An Analysis of In-flight Passenger Injuries and Medical Conditions: 1 January 1975 to 31 March 2006
14-Aug-2006Design and Evaluation of Auditory Icons as Informative Warning Signals
11-Aug-2006International Fatality Rates: A Comparison of Australian Civil Aviation Fatality Rates with International Data
13-Jul-2006Public Attitudes, Perceptions and Behaviours towards Cabin Safety Communications
03-Jul-2006Assessing Institutional Resilience: A useful guide for airline safety managers?
30-Jun-2006Destination Weather Assurance Risks associated with the Australian operational rules for weather alternate minima
30-Jun-2006Communication in context: A conversation analysis tool for examining recorded voice data in investigations of aviation occurrences.
30-Jun-2006A Layman's Introduction to Human Factors in Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation
30-Jun-2006Depressurisation, Accidents and Incidents Involving Australian Civil Aircraft: 1 January 1975 to 31 March 2006
30-Jun-2006Accidents and Incidents Involving Alcohol and Drugs in Australian Civil Aviation: 1 January 1975 to 31 March 2006
30-Jun-2006Forensic Identification of Aviation Bird Strikes in Australia
29-Jun-2006Wire-strike Accidents in General Aviation: Data Analysis 1994 to 2004
26-Jun-2006Investigation of Visual Flight Cues for Timing the Initiation of the Landing Flare
23-May-2006An Assessment of General Aviation Pilot Performance During Simulated Flight
02-May-2006Fire Safety of advanced composites for aircraft
02-May-2006Evacuation commands for optimal passenger management
12-Apr-2006Fatigue Management in the New Zealand Aviation Industry
28-Mar-2006Organising for flight safety
21-Mar-2006Child Restraint in Australian Commercial Aircraft
14-Mar-2006Analysis of fatality trends involving civil aviation aircraft in Australian airspace between 1990 and 2005
27-Feb-2006Dangerous distraction: An examination of accidents and incidents involving pilot distraction in Australia between 1997 and 2004
24-Feb-2006MBZ Report: An Examination of Airspace-Related Occurrences in Mandatory Broadcast Zones between 2001 and 2004
12-Oct-2005Interpretation of Measured Alcohol Levels
30-Jun-2005Diabetes mellitus and its effects on pilot performance and flight safety: A review
29-Jun-2005General Aviation Pilot Behaviours in the Face of Adverse Weather
28-Jun-2005A context for error: Using conversation analysis to represent and analyse recorded voice data
27-Jun-2005Power loss related accidents involving twin-engine aircraft
26-Jun-2005Aviation Safety Indicators 2005 - A report on safety indicators relating to Australian Aviation
25-Jun-2005Aviation Safety Survey - Pilots' Flying Experiences
24-Jun-2005Risks associated with aerial campaign management: Lesson from a case study of aerial locust control
25-Apr-2005Night Vision Goggles in Civil Helicopter Operations
01-Apr-2005The interpretation and use of weather radar displays in aviation
01-Jan-2005Cross Modal Safety Comparisons
22-Oct-2004ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program
24-Jul-2004National Airspace System Stage 2b: Analysis of Available Data
30-Jun-2004Error management in aviation training
21-Jun-2004Runway Incursions: 1997 to 2003
20-Jun-2004General aviation fatal accidents: How do they happen? A review of general aviation fatal accidents 1991 to 2000
19-Jun-2004Light Utility Helicopter Safety in Australia
18-Jun-2004ATSB Aviation Safety Survey - Common Flying Errors
23-May-2004ATSB Aviation Safety Survey - Safety Climate Factors
22-May-2004Review of Midair Collisions Involving General Aviation Aircraft in Australia between 1961 and 2003
17-Mar-2004Alcohol and Human Performance from an Aviation Perspective: A Review
17-Mar-2004Cannabis and its Effects on Pilot Performance and Flight Safety: A Review
20-Dec-2003Airspace-Related Occurrences Involving Regular Public Transport and Charter Aircraft within Mandatory Broadcast Zones
21-Nov-2003A Review of Air Safety Occurrences during the introduction of AMATS
19-Nov-2003Aviation Safety Indicators 2002 - A report on safety indicators relating to Australian aviation
19-Mar-2003The Hazard Posed to Aircraft by Birds
19-Jan-2003Australian Aviation Accidents Involving Fuel Exhaustion and Starvation
17-Nov-2002Investigation into Ansett Australia maintenance safety deficiencies and the control of continuing airworthiness of Class A aircraft
18-Jun-2002Final Report of the Investigation into the anomaly of the HyShot Rocket at Woomera, South Australia on 30 October 2001
14-Mar-2001ATSB Systemic Investigation into Fuel Contamination
26-Feb-2001ATSB Survey of Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in Australia
21-Feb-2000Helicopter Operations Safety Bulletin
14-Nov-1999Systemic Investigation into the Class G Airspace Demonstration
01-Jun-1999Proactively Monitoring Airline Safety Performance: INDICATE (Identifying Needed Defences in the Civil Aviation Transport Environment)
17-May-1999Regional Airlines Safety Study Project
14-Aug-1998Systemic Investigation into Factors Underlying Air Safety Occurrences in Sydney Terminal Area Airspace
21-Jun-1998Advanced Technology Aircraft Safety Survey Report
21-Oct-1997The Clarity and Accessibility of NOTAM Information for the Aviation Industry
21-Sep-1997Violations of Controlled Airspace - Special Study 1997
21-Sep-1997Aviation Safety Indicators 1997
14-Jun-1997Human Factors in Airline Maintenance: A Study of Incident Reports
14-Jun-1997Aircraft Maintenance Safety Survey
15-Feb-1997Survey of Australian Agricultural Aviation Accidents & Incidents 1986-1995
21-Jan-1997An Analysis of Incidents Involving Aircrew Failing to Comply with Air Traffic Clearances June to August 1996
21-Jan-1997TCAS in Australia
21-Nov-1996Regional Airlines Safety Study: Preliminary Information Paper
21-Nov-1996Reported Bird Strikes in Australia
21-Sep-1996Aviation Safety Indicators 1996
21-Jun-1996Advanced Technology Aircraft Phase Two
14-Apr-1996Human Factors in Fatal Aircraft Accidents
21-Jan-1996Flying Training in Australia
15-Jul-1995Survey of Australian Agricultural Aviation Accidents & Incidents 1985-1992
21-Apr-1995Dark Night Take-off Accidents in Australia
15-Apr-1995The Operation of Ground Proximity Warning Systems (GPWS): A Review of Warnings April - December 1994
11-Apr-1995An Investigation of Systemic Factors Underlying Air Safety Occurrences in the Brisbane Area Approach Control Centre
21-Feb-1995Violations of Controlled Airspace: A Review of Occurrences January 1991 - June 1994
21-Nov-1994Report into the Frequency of Breakdowns in Co-ordination Between Australian Air Traffic and Indonesian Services
21-Sep-1994Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance: a Preliminary Information Paper
21-Apr-1994Advanced Technology Aircraft Phase 1
21-Feb-1994Systemic investigation of air miss occurrences 1991-1992
21-Dec-1993The Operation of Regular Public Transport (RPT) Aircraft in Mandatory Traffic Advisory Frequency (MTAF') Airspace
21-Dec-1993The Status of Commercial Passenger Operations in Turbine Powered Single Engine Aeroplanes
21-Nov-1993Testing for Drugs and Alcohol
21-Jun-1993Violations of Controlled Airspace: Special Study 1993
21-Jul-1991Wire strikes - A Technical Analysis
01-Apr-1991Limitations of the See-and-Avoid Principle
21-Oct-1989Australian Helicopter Accidents 1969 - 1988
21-Feb-1988The possibility of G-induced loss of consciousness (G-LOC) during aerobatics in light aircraft
21-Sep-1987Australian Aviation Occurrences Involving Fuel Starvation and Exhaustion 1969 - 1986
21-Feb-1984The Cost of Aircraft Accidents in Australia: With Preliminary Cost Estimates for 1980
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