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Safety publications
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08-Oct-2001Melting Moments: Understanding Carburettor Icing
12-Oct-2001Keeping Your Distance
27-Nov-2001Analysis of a failed Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7R4 turbofan engine
01-Mar-2002Examination of a Failed Rolls-Royce RB211-524 Turbofan Engine
15-Jun-2002Examination of the Main Landing Gear Wheel Bearings
18-Jun-2002Final Report of the Investigation into the anomaly of the HyShot Rocket at Woomera, South Australia on 30 October 2001
10-Aug-2002Examination of a Failed Air Cooling Fan
17-Nov-2002Investigation into Ansett Australia maintenance safety deficiencies and the control of continuing airworthiness of Class A aircraft
15-Dec-2002Examination of an RB211-524G-T Turbofan Engine Compressor Failure
19-Jan-2003Australian Aviation Accidents Involving Fuel Exhaustion and Starvation
15-Mar-2003Examination of failed Integrated Nozzle Assembly and Thrust Reverser components
19-Mar-2003The Hazard Posed to Aircraft by Birds
15-Jun-2003Bolt Fracture High Pressure Turbine Disk Assembly
11-Aug-2003Readout of Recorded Radar Data
19-Nov-2003Aviation Safety Indicators 2002 - A report on safety indicators relating to Australian aviation
21-Nov-2003A Review of Air Safety Occurrences during the introduction of AMATS
30-Nov-2003Recovery and Presentation of Recorded Data for the Transport Accident Investigation Commission New Zealand
20-Dec-2003Airspace-Related Occurrences Involving Regular Public Transport and Charter Aircraft within Mandatory Broadcast Zones
17-Mar-2004Alcohol and Human Performance from an Aviation Perspective: A Review
17-Mar-2004Cannabis and its Effects on Pilot Performance and Flight Safety: A Review
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