Rail safety issues and actions

The park brakes were ineffective

Issue number: RO-2020-008-SI-01
Issue owner: Aurizon
Transport function: Rail: Rolling stock
Background: Investigation Report RO-2020-008
Issue release date: 26 October 2021
Current issue status: Closed – Adequately addressed
Issue status justification:

Status to be provided by Operator during DIP process

Safety issue description

The park brakes were ineffective in holding the locomotives on the grade in Ardglen Yard

Proactive action

Action number: RO-2020-008-PSA-01
Action organisation: Aurizon
Date: 01 February 2022
Action status: Closed

Aurizon has completed modifications on the locomotive classes involved in the derailment to improve alignment in the braking system, resulting in improved park brake force

ATSB comment:

The modifications made by the Operator to improve park brake force have been proved to be effective.

Last update 01 February 2022