Updated 10 July 2017

The ATSB has completed the on-site phase of the investigation into the collision with terrain involving a FU-24 Stallion aircraft, registered VH-EUO, near Upper Turon, New South Wales on 16 June 2017. That phase included:

  • examining the aircraft wreckage
  • recovery of a number of aircraft components, and electronic and navigational devices for possible further technical examination by the ATSB
  • conducting a number of interviews.

 The investigation is continuing and will examine the:

  • weather affecting the flight
  • preparation for and conduct of the flight
  • aircraft maintenance records
  • pilot’s records and history
  • operator’s processes
  • recovered items.


 Published: 19 June 2017

The ATSB is investigating a fatal aircraft accident involving a FU24 Stallion, VH-EUO, Upper Turon, NSW, on 16 June 2017

During aerial agricultural operations, the aircraft collided with terrain, the pilot was fatally injured.

The ATSB has deployed a team of three investigators to the accident site.

While on site the team will be examining the site and wreckage and flightpath examination, review the weather, pilot records, and aircraft records, and interviewing any witnesses.

The ATSB will provide an update on its website outlining the facts of the accident within 30 days.