Final Report


On 13 May 2017, a Jetstar Airways Boeing 787-8 aircraft, registered VH-VKA, was being operated on a scheduled passenger service from Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore, to Melbourne, Victoria. There were two flight crew, nine cabin crew and 231 passengers on board.

The flight crew received air traffic control instructions for a standard instrument departure and the aircraft departed. At about 3,000 ft the first officer called for flaps 1 and the captain moved the flap lever from flaps 5 to the flaps 1 setting. The flight crew then received an engine-indicating and crew-alerting system caution for FLAPS DRIVE, which indicated a fault with the wing flaps.

The flight crew completed their failure management briefing and briefed the cabin crew manager about the occurrence and their plan to return to Singapore Changi Airport. The captain then made a public address to the passengers to inform them of the need to return to Singapore due to a technical issue with the flaps. The aircraft landed without incident and was taxied to the gate with emergency service vehicles in attendance.

Before the flight crew exited the aircraft an engineering staff member entered the flight deck to report that they found damage to the left wing. This was followed by a report from a ground handling staff member that rubber debris was found on the runway. It was subsequently found that the number 6 wheel tyre had delaminated and damaged the flap system.

The operator subsequently issued a quality notice for their maintenance staff and a flight standing order for their 787 flight crew to highlight the shoulder of the tyres as requiring extra attention during their respective inspections.

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