Final Report


On 22 April 2017, a Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8, registered VH-AJZ, was being used to conduct incendiary bombing aerial work operations in the Prince Regent River area of northern Western Australia. On board were a pilot, a navigator seated in the co-pilot seat and a bombardier in the rear of the aircraft cabin.

At about 1255 Western Standard Time, the aircraft landed on runway 07 at Gibb River. During the landing roll, the engine failed. While attempting a restart of the engine, the aircraft caught on fire. The pilot immediately shut down the engine and switched off the aircraft electrical system.

The crew members exited the aircraft and unsuccessfully attempted to fight the fire. The crew members were not injured. As a result of the fire, the aircraft was destroyed.

This investigation highlights the importance of knowing and understanding flight manual normal and emergency procedures. In this accident, steps in the engine fire during start procedures were omitted. When facing a situation as serious as a fire, the published emergency procedures provide the foundation for emergency response management.


Aviation Short Investigations Bulletin - Issue 62

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