Final Report


On 1 April 2017, the pilot of a Cessna R182 aircraft, registered VH-JXX, conducted a private flight from Broken Hill to Bathurst, New South Wales, with one passenger on board.

The aircraft arrived overhead Bathurst Airport at about 1130 Eastern Daylight-saving Time and the pilot elected to join the circuit on a left downwind for runway 35. The pilot reported that the approach was normal, and that they aimed to touch down slightly beyond the runway threshold.

Due to a crosswind of about 8 kt, the pilot recalled that the left main wheel touched down immediately before the right. The propeller then struck the runway and the nose landing gear collapsed. The aircraft skidded a short distance before coming to rest on the runway.

The aircraft sustained substantial damage and the pilot and passenger were uninjured.

The ATSB found that the aircraft probably landed in a nose-low attitude resulting in a propeller strike and damage to the nose landing gear.


Aviation Short Investigations Bulletin Issue 61

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