Final Report


On 3 February 2017, a Network Aviation Fokker F28 Mk 0100, registered VH-NHV (NHV), conducted a scheduled passenger flight from Perth to Kalgoorlie, Western Australia (WA). On board the aircraft were two flight crew, three cabin crew and 17 passengers.

The F28 has two cargo compartments forward of the wing, compartments A and B, and two compartments aft of the wing, compartments E and F. The flight to Kalgoorlie was planned to be loaded with 197 kg of freight and 272 kg of baggage (469 kg in total), distributed between compartments A and B.

The aircraft departed from Perth and landed at Kalgoorlie without incident. However, when the cargo compartments were opened after arrival at Kalgoorlie, there was no load on board the aircraft and the cargo nets were undone. The load was subsequently found to be on board another aircraft in Perth, which was originally planned to provide the Perth to Kalgoorlie service, and which had been towed into the operator’s hangar for maintenance.

As a result of this incident, the aircraft operator issued an advisory bulletin to their staff, to communicate the aircraft loading system requirements, including the interface requirements between departments for aircraft dispatch.

Part of Aviation Short Investigations Bulletin - Issue 60

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