Rail safety issues and actions

Standard for angular discontinuity at mechanical joints

Issue number: RO-2016-002-SI-02
Who it affects: Owners and operators of passenger rail services in Victoria
Issue owner: Metro Trains Melbourne
Operation affected: Rail: Passenger - metropolitan
Background: Investigation Report RO-2016-002
Date: 16 May 2018

Safety issue description

The network’s track geometry standard did not include any specific requirement to limit a localised lateral angular discontinuity in rail line at a mechanical joint.

Proactive Action

Action organisation: Metro Trains Melbourne
Action number: RO-2016-002-NSA-004
Date: 16 May 2018
Action status: Closed

Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) has revised its track fault management system to include specific guidance on the risk of fault clusters and wheel-climb risks. The revised procedures address the identification and removal of misaligned fishplated joints.

Current issue status: Partially addressed
Status justification:

The safety action taken by MTM in combination with other actions pertaining to track maintenance should reduce risk associated with the safety issue.

Last update 16 May 2018