Final Report


On 18 December 2016, at about 1047 Eastern Daylight-saving Time, a Beech Aircraft Corporation B200 aircraft, registered VH-ZOK (ZOK), was on descent to Horsham Airport, Victoria. The pilot, copilot, and six passengers were on board the charter flight. 

At about 1000 that morning, the director of a gliding competition at Horsham Airport conducted a briefing for the glider pilots and other people involved in the event. At the briefing, the selected take-off point for the conditions on the day and the schedule for marshalling the gliders out to the take-off point were discussed.

After the briefing, two ground personnel associated with the event went out to the take-off point for the gliders on runway 17 and began to lay out the ropes that would be attached to the gliders and the launch aircraft.

As ZOK approached the circuit, the pilot was aware of one other aircraft on the common terminal advisory frequency (CTAF) that was on downwind for runway 08. The pilot of ZOK elected to land on runway 17, to land on the most into-wind runway and avoid a potential conflict with the aircraft using runway 08.

The ground personnel noticed the sound of another powered aircraft and looked up to see the landing lights of an aircraft on final for runway 17. The ground personnel were located on the grass on both sides of the runway and each moved back about 10 to 15 m within the runway white gable markers. 

The aircraft landed without incident. The pilot, copilot, six passengers, and two ground personnel were not injured and the aircraft was not damaged.

This incident highlights the critical importance of what you say and how you say it for both the written and spoken word, ‘your words matter make no mistake’.


Part of Aviation Short Investigations Bulletin - Issue 60

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