Final Report


On 23 November 2016, a Fairchild SA226TC, registered VH-SSV (SSV), departed from Brisbane Airport, Queensland, for a passenger charter flight to the Theodore aircraft landing area, Queensland. On board the aircraft were the pilot and five passengers.

When SSV arrived at Theodore, the aircraft joined the circuit on the downwind leg for runway 17. The pilot turned the aircraft through the base leg of the circuit onto the final approach at about 1,400 ft. In the early stages of the final approach, the pilot noticed the aircraft sink, so they increased power slightly to compensate and by mid final they were satisfied the aircraft was stable on the desired approach path profile. On short final, the pilot noticed the aircraft sink again, so they pulled back on the elevator control and started to increase power, but the main wheels touched down just prior to the runway threshold and impacted with a runway light.

After parking the aircraft on the apron, a passenger reported to the pilot that the right wing was leaking fuel. On inspection, the pilot found a puncture to the underside of the right wing, just outboard from the right engine nacelle, which had breached the fuel tank. There were no injuries and the aircraft received minor damage.

The operator conducted an internal investigation into the incident. Following their investigation, additional type-specialist training was provided to the incident pilot, which included ground training and flights into different airports and runway environments before the pilot was returned to line flying operations. 

Aviation Short Investigations Bulletin - Issue 58

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