Final Report


On the evening of 26 October 2016, a Beechcraft B200 aircraft, registered VH-XGV, taxied at Brisbane Airport for a private ferry flight to Archerfield Airport, Queensland. The pilot was the only occupant of the aircraft.

At about 2010 EST, the aerodrome controller (ADC) asked the pilot whether they were ‘ready to go’ and the pilot responded advising they were ready. The ADC issued heading instructions and cleared the pilot to line up on runway 01 and wait due to wake turbulence from an aircraft that had just taken off. The ADC also advised the pilot of an amended Departures frequency. 

After the pilot received the line-up instruction, they started to taxi the aircraft onto the runway, and commenced the line-up checks. The pilot read back the frequency initially, but subsequently asked the controller to repeat it. The pilot lined the aircraft up on what they thought was the centreline of runway 01, and the aircraft remained stationary on the runway for about 30 seconds before the controller cleared the pilot for take-off.

At about 2011, the aircraft commenced the take-off run. During the take-off, the pilot realised that the aircraft was not on the centreline, and steered the aircraft right towards the centreline prior to the aircraft becoming airborne. A subsequent runway inspection found damage to a runway edge light and the aircraft sustained minor damage to the nose landing gear.  

This incident highlights the effect time pressure and distraction can have on flight safety, particularly during critical stages such as while completing checklists.


Aviation Short Investigations Bulletin - Issue 57

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