Final Report


On 19 October 2016, at about 1037 Western Standard Time, a vehicle was travelling along the northern perimeter road at Perth Airport, Western Australia. The vehicle had a driver and three passengers who were going to conduct a customs inspection on an aircraft, which was scheduled to depart Australia.

As they drove towards the domestic apron, an area unfamiliar to the driver, the driver observed the aircraft that they were to meet. Instead of continuing along the northern perimeter road to the domestic apron, the driver turned left onto taxiway R and drove along the taxiways towards the aircraft.

The aircraft was actually being towed and was stationary at taxiway D holding point waiting for clearance to cross-runway 21. The ground air traffic controller cleared the aircraft, to cross runway 21.

At about 1040, the tower air traffic controller cleared a Fokker 100 aircraft that was on final approach to land on runway 21.

A work safety officer (WSO), who was supervising a work site followed the unidentified vehicle that was traveling along the paved edge of taxiway D, towards runway 21 holding point. The WSO alert the driver, and informed the driver that they were about to enter the runway and to stop immediately.

The vehicle passed over the holding point for runway 21 before it stopped about two to three car lengths past the holding point. The vehicle did a hard right turn and crossed back over the holding point and about 3 seconds later, the Fokker 100 aircraft passed the vehicle position.

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has identified runway safety as one of its priorities and has developed a runway safety website, which offers a range of information and products to assist the aviation community to improve runway safety.

Aviation Short Investigations Bulletin - Issue 58

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