Final Report


On 12 October 2016, a Vee H Aviation Fairchild Industries Inc. SA227-DC, registered VH-VEU, conducted a regular public transport flight from Armidale, New South Wales, to Brisbane, Queensland. On board the flight were two flight crew and 13 passengers.

At 0755 Eastern Daylight-saving Time, the aircraft was about 170 km south of Brisbane, when the aircraft suddenly yawed to the right. The flight crew confirmed the right engine was not delivering power and then shut down the right engine and feathered the right propeller. During the diagnosis, the flight crew noted that all right engine indications were normal except for a low torque reading and low fuel flow.

Air traffic control contacted the crew to confirm they were maintaining their altitude and the captain responded with a PAN broadcast that they were descending due to a right engine failure. The crew then requested, and were given, a direct track to Brisbane Airport from air traffic control. They completed their normal and single engine landing checklist procedures and landed at Brisbane Airport runway 19 without further incident.

Following the aircraft yaw, the flight crew actively employed their crew resource management procedures to identify and confirm the engine fault and then shut down the right engine. The use of these procedures reduced the risk of an incorrect diagnosis of the fault or activation of the incorrect engine controls during shut down.


Aviation Short Investigations Bulletin - Issue 57

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