Final Report


At 1433 Western Standard Time, on 10 October 2016, a Cessna 210N aircraft, registered VH-UPN, departed Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia (WA), for a passenger charter flight to Broome Airport, WA. On board were a pilot and three passengers.

At 1545, the aircraft approached 5 NM from Broome Airport, the pilot reported they levelled the aircraft at 1,000 ft and conducted the pre-landing checklist in accordance with operator procedures. The pre-landing checklist included selecting the landing gear down and confirming that the landing gear was extended. At about 1547, an individual located under the approach path to runway 28, about 800 m from the runway 28 threshold, observed a Cessna 210 on approach with the landing gear retracted.

At 1548, the aircraft touched down on runway 28 with the undercarriage retracted. No persons were injured in the incident and the aircraft sustained minor damage.

This incident provides a good example of the importance of checklist vigilance. Checklists are designed to ensure that flight crew properly configure the aircraft for any given phase of flight. Regular routine flying can lead to checklists, which are regularly completed, being conducted mentally without the required actions being completed. Vigilance is required to ensure that each checklist is completed correctly and in full.

The Flight Safety Australia article Those who won’t: avoiding gear-up landings includes valuable information to assist pilots in avoiding gear up landings.

Aviation Short Investigations Bulletin - Issue 56

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