Final Report


On 7 September 2016 at 1720 UTC, Scoot Airline flight TZ026, a Boeing 787 aircraft, registered 9V‑OFG, departed Singapore on a scheduled passenger transport flight to Melbourne, Victoria.

Flight TZ026 made an approach to Melbourne Airport runway 34 and landed without incident. After exiting the runway, the crew taxied the aircraft onto Taxiway A. As they started to taxi down Taxiway A, the crew were informed by air traffic control that there was smoke coming from their right engine. The captain elected to stop the aircraft on the taxiway and request an inspection from the aviation rescue and fire-fighting services.

The aviation rescue and fire fighting vehicles arrived in front of the aircraft on Taxiway A and an ARFF officer reported to air traffic control that the smoke they saw ‘appeared to be normal’. The aircraft captain was aware that the aircraft engines can emit smoke from the engine oil system and cross-checked their engine indications. There were no abnormal indications present and therefore the captain elected to taxi the aircraft to their allocated parking bay and conduct a normal shut down with ARFF in attendance. The aircraft was shut down without further incident.

It was determined that the hydraulic hose in the right engine thrust reverser retraction circuit ruptured when the right engine thrust reverser was retracted on landing. The reported engine smoke was probably mist from the right hydraulic system leaking hydraulic fluid into the engine exhaust, or mist from the engine oil breather as a result of incomplete air/oil separation, or a combination of both conditions.


Short Investigations Bulletin - Issue 55

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