Final Report


On the morning of 27 August 2016, a Van’s RV-7 aircraft, registered VH-VTZ, and a Glaser-Dirks DG-400 motor-glider, registered VH-XJZ, were both prepared for flight from Gympie aircraft landing area (ALA), Queensland.

The motor-glider pilot taxied their aircraft from the Gympie ALA glider hangars and back-tracked on the grass alongside the main runway to the runway 14 threshold for take-off. At about the same time as the motor-glider was backtracking for take-off from runway 14, the pilot of the RV-7 taxied their aircraft from the general aviation hangars located at the other end of the airport. Both pilots made the required radio broadcasts on the correct frequency before entering runway 14, but neither pilot heard the broadcasts from the other pilot.

The motor-glider started the take-off roll from the threshold of runway 14 and as it approached take-off speed, the pilot noticed the top of another aircraft (RV-7) appear on the horizon. Both pilots applied their aircraft brakes and veered to their right. The pilots performed a radio check and verified they could hear each other and both were broadcasting on the correct frequency. They then proceeded on their planned flights without further incident.

A potential accident was avoided by the actions of both pilots who responded to the presence of the other aircraft by braking and veering to the right. Rather than continuing their flights with the assumption the other made a mistake, they performed a radio check with each other to verify there was no fault with their respective aircraft radios.


Aviation Short Investigations Bulletin - Issue 54

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