Final Report


On 9 August 2016, at about 0930 Western Standard Time, a Cessna 210N aircraft, registered VH-NLV (NLV), departed Kununurra Airport for a scenic charter flight to Mitchell Plateau aircraft landing area (ALA), Western Australia (WA), with a pilot and five passengers on board.

Shortly before 1100, the pilot of NLV tracked for a straight-in approach to runway 06 at Mitchell Plateau ALA.

At that time, the pilot of a Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8 aircraft, registered VH-BFL (BFL), prepared to taxi at Mitchell Plateau ALA, for a scenic charter flight to Kalumburu, WA, with four passengers on board.

When about 5 NM from the ALA, the pilot of NLV broadcast on the CTAF, advising they were on a 5-mile final for runway 06 at Mitchell Plateau, and did not receive a response.

The pilot of BFL reported that they broadcast a taxi call, a call prior to entering runway 16/34 to taxi to runway 06 and prior to entering runway 06. The pilot inadvertently made those broadcasts company frequency instead of CTAF.

When at about 1 NM on final approach to runway 06, the pilot of NLV broadcast again on the CTAF and did not receive a response.

As the pilot of NLV flared the aircraft for landing, they sighted BFL taxi onto runway 06. After landing, the pilot of NLV braked more heavily than normal and moved to the left of the runway to increase the separation between the two aircraft.

As BFL entered runway 06, the pilot sighted NLV in the landing roll and also moved to their left. The pilots assessed that the aircraft passed within 2 m of each other at taxi speed and neither aircraft moved outside the runway strip. The aircraft were not damaged and no injuries were sustained.

Pilots are encouraged to prioritise their attention carefully and appropriately as they near non-towered aerodromes. An effective lookout for other aircraft, supported by communication with traffic in the vicinity, should be a high priority.


Aviation Short Investigations Bulletin - Issue 53

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