Final Report


On the evening of 6 August 2016, Jetstar Airways flight JQ12, a Boeing 787 aircraft, registered VH‑VKK, departed from Tokyo, Japan on a scheduled passenger transport flight to the Gold Coast, Queensland. On board the aircraft were two flight crew, nine cabin crew and 309 passengers.

The aircraft was pushed back from the gate at Narita Airport, Tokyo, at 1133 UTC. About two and a half hours into the flight, cruising at FL 400, the flight crew were alerted to low engine oil pressure in the right engine. The flight crew performed the checklist actions, which led to shutting down the right engine. The captain identified Guam Airport as the nearest suitable airport, about 370 km to the south of their position. They descended the aircraft to FL 220 due to single engine performance limitations and diverted around some weather as they tracked towards Guam Airport. The captain reported that they made an uneventful one engine landing on runway 24 at about 1520 UTC.

On inspection, the right engine transfer gearbox was found to be fractured, which was the source of the loss of oil from the engine.

This incident highlights the importance of flight crew complying with checklist actions when dealing with a fault condition. Inflight, the crew did not have knowledge of the extent of the damage to the engine transfer gearbox. However, by following their training and checklist procedures, they reduced the risk of a potential escalation of the fault.


Short Investigations Bulletin - Issue 55

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