Final Report


On 22 March 2016, the pilot of a Fairchild SA227 aircraft, registered VH-UZI, operated a freight charter flight from Mackay Airport to Brisbane Airport, Queensland. The flight was uneventful. After landing, the pilot calculated that about 100 lb (45 kg) of additional fuel had been used during the flight to that planned, with 1,100 lb rather than 1,200 lb of fuel remaining. As that amount was within the allowable deviation, the pilot was not required to and did not report the discrepancy.

During a transit check of the aircraft, maintenance personnel at Brisbane Airport found evidence of a substantial fuel leak in the left wheel well of the aircraft. Further investigation found fuel pooling in the cowls, and about 400 ml of fuel spilled out when the cowls were opened. The maintainers found evidence of fire damage to the engine combustion case and a number of components forward of the firewall. The upper engine mount, fuel manifold, adjacent components and the engine frame had evidence of high temperature damage.

The pilot was unaware of the engine fire, as no fire warning had been generated.

This incident highlights the importance of assessing any recommendations relating to maintenance. A recommendation is generally made in response to an event and complying with procedures specified may avoid a similar incident occurring.


Aviation Short Investigations Bulletin - Issue 49

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