Final Report


On 14 February 2016, at about 0945 Eastern Standard Time (EST), the pilot of a Cessna R182 aeroplane, registered VH-PFZ, was returning to a private airstrip near Ingham aircraft landing area (ALA), Queensland. The pilot, who was the only person on board, had just completed a routine one-hour property inspection and decided to complete the flight with some practice touch and go circuits.

The pilot joined downwind for runway 22 as per their normal procedure, and conducted their downwind checks. However, they inadvertently omitted one of the checks. Although they extended the landing gear, they did not return the pitch control to the HIGH revolutions per minute (RPM) (full fine) position. The pilot continued with the approach, and selected full flap, but again omitted the pre-landing checks on final approach. After touchdown, the aircraft ballooned slightly some 10-15 ft above ground level. The pilot commenced a go-around and applied full throttle, but with the propeller control still set at 2,000 RPM. With an airspeed of 64 kt, the pilot assessed there was sufficient airspeed to climb out, so retracted all of the flap and then the landing gear.

However, the aircraft began to sink, and the nose dropped. Moments later, the main landing gear struck the ground. The pilot attempted to keep the nose of the aircraft raised. However, the propeller struck the ground and the pilot realised that the nose wheel had retracted, so closed the throttle. The pilot was not injured, but the aircraft sustained substantial damage.


Aviation Short Investigations Bulletin - Issue 48

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