Updated: 25 August 2017

Completion of the draft investigation report has been delayed by the involvement of the previous investigator in charge on other marine safety investigations and tasks. The investigation has now been assigned to another investigator in charge and all factual data has been sourced and reviewed. The draft report is now anticipated for release to directly involved parties (DIP) for comment in November 2017. Feedback from those parties over the 28-day DIP period on the factual accuracy of the draft report will be considered for inclusion in the final report, which is anticipated to be released to the public in February 2018.

At about 2205 on 16 November 2015, Madang Coast's bow contacted the wharf while berthing in Townsville harbour under pilotage. The ship's stern swung away from the wharf and contacted a ship at an adjacent berth. Damage to the ships and the wharf was minor, there was no pollution and no-one was injured.

The pilot requested a tug to assist and Madang Coast's position was maintained to minimise hull damage until the tug arrived. The ship was then berthed with tug assistance and without further incident.

The ATSB has commenced an investigation into this incident and is collecting relevant evidence, including interviewing directly involved parties. The evidence will be analysed and a draft investigation report compiled. This draft report will be forwarded to relevant parties for comment prior to the completion and release of the final report.