On 28 July 2015 a Cicaré CH-7Bt, registered VH-JEW, collided with terrain near Roy Hill Station in Western Australia. The pilot and sole occupant was fatally injured as a result of the accident.

The ATSB examined the helicopter wreckage and identified that the stabiliser had separated in-flight from the tail boom as a result of fatigue cracking of the stabiliser mount (Figure 1).

This was the second fatal accident involving in-flight stabiliser separation on Cicaré CH-7B series helicopters (AO-2014-086). The ATSB has notified the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and is working with the helicopter manufacturer on this issue.

On 6 August 2015 an information letter was emailed to registered Cicaré CH-7B owners, informing them of the second accident, the mechanism of stabiliser failure and a recommendation to ensure the integrity of the stabiliser prior to further operation and on an ongoing basis. The content of the letter is available on the ATSB website.

The investigation is continuing and will seek to identify the factors contributing to the stabiliser support cracking.

Figure 1: The tail section from VH-JEW showing the stabiliser mount fracture Fractured Stabaliser Mount VH-JEW

Source: ATSB


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