On 20 February 2015, at about 1130 Western Standard Time, a Diamond DA20 aircraft, registered VH-YNB (YNB), taxied at Jandakot Airport, Western Australia, for a flight to the training area south of the airport, with a trainee instructor and a flight instructor on board. At about the same time, the pilot of a Mooney M20 aircraft, registered VH-SJT (SJT), taxied for a private flight to Busselton Airport with three passengers on board. The pilot of SJT elected to leave the door open to improve comfort in the aircraft as it was a warm day, and planned to have the passenger close the door prior to take-off.

At about 1136, the aerodrome controller cleared YNB for take-off from runway 24 Right (24R). The controller cleared SJT for take-off about 23 seconds later, and did not advise of any traffic. The pilot of SJT then commenced the take-off run and directed the front seat passenger to close the door. The front seat passenger was unable to fully close the door, resulting in air flowing in on the passengers seated in the back seat and articles being blown around inside the cabin. The pilot continued with the take-off and asked the passengers to stay calm and silent, and the door was left partially open. Both aircraft departed Jandakot via Yangebup Lake at about 1,000 ft.

After passing Yangebup Lake, the pilot of SJT established the aircraft in a climb to 1,500 ft. When overhead Lake Thomson, the trainee instructor of YNB conducted a climb to 1,500 ft then lowered the aircraft nose and levelled off to check the area ahead was clear of traffic.

The instructor then observed SJT pass diagonally from behind and left to right about 20 ft above YNB.
This incident highlights the importance of being aware of other aircraft operating in the area, particularly around airport departure points. When departing into Class G airspace it is important for pilots to continue their awareness of other aircraft and to keep a good lookout at all times.

Aviation Short Investigations Bulletin - Issue 41


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