On 29 January 2015, the student pilot of a Cessna 172S aircraft, registered VH-EOP, taxied for a solo training flight at Moorabbin Airport, Victoria. The student was cleared by air traffic control (ATC) to taxi via taxiway ‘A’ to the holding point on taxiway ‘G’ for a departure from runway 13 Left (13L).

As EOP passed the ‘A2’ taxiway, the right wingtip struck the rudder of another Cessna 172S aircraft, registered VH-EOT, which was stationary at the holding point, and less than half a metre behind the marked holding line, for runway 13 Right (13R) on the ‘A2’ taxiway. The student pilot was unaware of the collision and taxied to the holding point for runway 13L. The instructor of EOT advised ATC of the collision and the controller directed the pilot of EOP to taxi back to the run-up bay. He was then advised of the collision and the instructor of EOT inspected both aircraft for damage. EOP was undamaged and EOT sustained minor damage to the rudder. 

As a result of this occurrence, the airport operator has raised a work order to extend the left turn taxiway line to join the northern apron right side taxi line. This will increase the distance between an aircraft taxiing via taxiways ‘A’ and ‘G’ and an aircraft holding at the ‘A2’ holding point.

Aviation Short Investigations Bulletin - Issue 40


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