On 18 April 2015, a Jabiru J250 aircraft, recreational registration 19-7621, collided with terrain near Gympie, Queensland and on 23 May 2015, a Thunderbolt aircraft, recreational registration 19-8601, collided with terrain near Cessnock, New South Wales.

Recreational Aviation Australia (RA-Aus) is responsible for investigating these two accidents. As part of its investigations, RA-Aus requested technical assistance from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) in the examination of data from two multi-function display units recovered from the respective accident sites. To protect the information supplied by RA-Aus to the ATSB and the ATSB's investigative work to assist RA-Aus, the ATSB initiated an investigation under the Transport Safety Investigation Act 2003.

The ATSB successfully recovered data from the avionics devices and provided the data to RA-Aus on 04 May 2016. This completed the ATSB’s support of the RA-Aus investigation.

Any enquiries relating to the accident investigations should be directed to RA-Aus at:


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