Rail safety issues and actions

Inspection of turnout MYD882 and train wheels

Issue number: RO-2014-013-SI-06
Who it affects: All rail transport operators throughout Australia
Issue owner: V/Line
Operation affected: Rail: Infrastructure
Background: Investigation Report RO-2014-013
Date: 14 May 2015

Safety issue description

V/Line’s processes for responding to the report by the driver of train ST21 did not limit or prevent the subsequent movement of train ST24 before checks had been carried out to identify and assess any potential track and/or rolling stock issue(s).

Proactive Action

Action organisation: V/Line
Action number: NSA-014
Date: 14 May 2015
Action status: Monitor

Following V/Line receiving any rough ride report over a dual gauge turnout, V/Line will immediately halt all standard gauge services until the rough ride report has been investigated. This includes inspection of both the track and the relevant rolling stock.

ATSB response:

The ATSB is satisfied that the actions proposed by V/Line will, when implemented, adequately address this safety issue.

Current issue status: Safety action pending
Status justification:

At the time of this report release, the safety actions advised by V/Line had not yet been fully implemented.

Last update 14 May 2015