Rail safety issues and actions

Maintenance procedures

Issue number: RO-2014-010-SI-01
Who it affects: All owners and operators of locomotives
Issue owner: Pacific National and Downer EDI Rail
Operation affected: Rail: Rolling stock
Background: Investigation Report RO-2014-010
Date: 31 October 2014

Safety issue description

The procedures for locomotive inspection and maintenance were not effective at identifying and addressing continuing fuel leakage problems on this type of fuel filter assembly.

Proactive Action

Action organisation: Pacific National and Downer EDI Rail
Action number: RO-2014-010-NSA-002
Date: 31 October 2014
Action status: Closed

As a result of this occurrence, Pacific National, in conjunction with Downer EDI Rail advised that the following safety actions have been implemented:

  • An immediate inspection of all locomotives fitted with the sight glass arrangement to ensure clevis assemblies conform with OEM specifications and requirements
  • A best practice review and various amendments to the current maintenance procedures which has increased the inspection requirements for the clevis and clevis bolts. Included are additional requirements to inspect for the following:
    • Bending in at the base of the sight glass clevis
    • Worn clevis bolts
    • Elongation of clevis bolt locating holes
    • Fracture of sight glass clevis
    • Worn thread on the sight glass thumb screw
    • Correct alignment of the clevis bolts in the aperture of the fuel filter assembly
  • An audit of its current stock of clevis bolts to ensure conformance to OEM specifications
  • Improved sight glass clevis tightening procedures.

ATSB response:

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is satisfied that the actions taken by PN and DEDIR address this safety issue.

Current issue status: Adequately addressed
Status justification:

PN/DEDI have increased the inspection requirements to address the mode of failure by the clevis.

Last update 26 February 2015