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On the morning of 22 May 2014, a Pacific National freight train had failed and blocked the railway section between Kilbride and Paterson. Consequently, NSW Trains passenger service V938 had been directed into the passing loop at Kilbride. The crew of passenger service V938 made contact with the Sydney Trains Operation centre in Sydney and arrangements were made for a bus to convey the passengers from Kilbride. Meanwhile, the defect to the Pacific National freight train was rectified and the train continued into a loop at Paterson,  thereby allowing normal services to operate through Paterson on the main line.

At approximately 1137 the Sydney to North Coast XPT NT33 passed through Paterson and was travelling towards Kilbride. At about the same time, the crew of V938 had detrained five of the six passengers onto the track and were making their way to the bus location. The sixth passenger was an elderly man and was unable to detrain due to his frail condition. The driver of the XPT noted a number of people on the track, immediately applied the emergency brake of NT33 and came to a stand approximately 80 metres from the people. There were no injuries as a result of this incident.

The ATSB has commenced an investigation into this incident. The Office of Transport Safety Investigations (NSW) will lead the investigation under the provisions of the Transport Safety Investigation Act 2003, with assistance provided by the ATSB where necessary. Investigators have collected evidence and statements from involved parties, which will be analysed and a draft investigation report compiled. The draft report will be forwarded to relevant parties for comment prior to the completion and release of the final report.

The investigation is continuing.

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