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On 5 September 2014, the pilot of a Mooney M20J aircraft, registered VH-JDY, conducted a solo training flight from Jandakot Airport to Northam aeroplane landing area (ALA), Western Australia. After a touch-and-go on runway 14 at Northam, the pilot conducted a second circuit with a missed approach from about 600 ft on final. The pilot then intended to conduct a third circuit with a touch-and-go. When on final, the pilot trimmed the aircraft in the approach configuration with full flaps (33°) and airspeed at about 70 kt.

The pilot flared the aircraft for landing and touched down about one third of the way along the runway. As the aircraft slowed, the pilot selected the flaps to 15° and applied full throttle along with right rudder to counteract the aircraft’s tendency to yaw left. As the airspeed increased to about 65 kt, the pilot rotated the aircraft for take-off and applied forward pressure against the control column as the aircraft nose tendency was to pitch up due to the combination of trim, flap and power settings. 

When at about 50 ft above ground level, the aircraft had drifted to the right of the runway centreline and the pilot reduced the right rudder input. Soon afterwards, the aircraft nose pitched up. The stall warning sounded and the pilot applied full right rudder and pushed forward on the control column in an attempt to level the aircraft wings and recover from the stall.  The left wing dropped as the aircraft stalled, and it collided with a hangar. The aircraft pivoted about the left wing and came to rest wedged between two hangars resulting in substantial damage.


Aviation Short Investigations Bulletin - Issue 36

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