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On 3 July 2014, a Piper Aircraft Corp PA-28-161, registered VH-TEK, was returning from the training area via the 2RN reporting point to Bankstown Airport, New South Wales. The student pilot was the only person on board. The flight was conducted in visual meteorological conditions.

The student tracked from the 2RN reporting point and joined downwind for a touch-and-go landing on runway 29L. The student turned onto base and then final and the Bankstown tower gave the student a clearance to conduct a touch-and-go clearance. The student reported that the approach and landing were normal. As soon as the student felt the aircraft wheels were on the ground, he reached down to the flap lever and selected the flaps to the retracted position.

The aircraft veered slightly to the right and then quickly to the left, departing the runway and onto the grass strip. The student regained control of the aircraft and informed the tower of what happened, reporting that he did not require assistance. The student then taxied onto taxiway B, between taxiway B4 and B3, passing about 20 metres in front of a taxiing Cessna 150. TEK taxied to the flying school without further incident. The student pilot was uninjured and the aircraft was not damaged.


Aviation Short Investigations Bulletin - Issue 38

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