On 28 April 2014, at about 0800 Central Standard Time, a Beech BE58 aircraft, registered VH-AKG (AKG), departed Gove, for a charter flight to Ramingining, Northern Territory, with a pilot and two passengers on board.

When in the circuit at Ramingining, the pilot selected the landing gear down and the first stage of flap. Two green lights illuminated for the landing gear, however the right main landing gear light did not. The pilot changed the light bulb and the right landing gear light still did not illuminate, and a test of the indicator function showed it to be working correctly. He then selected the lever to retract and extend the landing gear twice, and the same indications appeared.

A pilot on the ground determined during a fly-by that the right main landing gear remained retracted in the gear well. The pilot of AKG then used the emergency gear handle in an attempt to extend the landing gear, however it was in the fully extended position and the right main landing gear light remained off.

The aircraft divert to Darwin and the pilot retracted the landing gear and then retracted the flaps by repeatedly resetting the circuit breaker. He conducted a fly-by inspection at Darwin tower, and verified that that right main landing gear had not extended. The pilot then retracted the landing gear.

During the landing, the rear step scraped on the runway, followed by the flaps, the aircraft fuselage, and the propellers. The aircraft came to rest about half way along the runway and the pilot exited the aircraft and assisted the passengers to disembark. No injuries were sustained and the aircraft was substantially damaged.

An engineering inspection found that the up-lock assembly on the right main landing gear was binding and prevented extension of the right main landing gear. This incident provides a positive example of how well a pilot copes with a distraction or equipment failure.


Aviation Short Investigations Bulletin - Issue 32