On 23 January 2014, at about 1520 EST, a Fairchild SA226 aircraft, registered VH-OGX, departed Thangool for a charter flight to Archerfield, Queensland. En-route, the pilot received the current Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) for Archerfield, which indicated cloud at 800 ft and that the runway was ‘wet’.

At about 1615, the pilot commenced an instrument approach to Archerfield. Approaching the western boundary of the aerodrome, the pilot sighted the runway and circled at 900 ft above ground level before approaching to land on runway 10 Left. When lined up on final, the aircraft was to the right of the extended runway centreline and the pilot elected to conduct a go-around.

The second circle was still tight, due to low cloud to the west of the runway, and the pilot reported that the aircraft was about 30 to 50 m right of the extended runway centreline when on final. It was raining heavily as the aircraft touched down close to the runway centreline and about 300 m beyond the runway threshold. The pilot reported that as the wheels touched down, the aircraft commenced sliding towards the right, possibly due to aquaplaning. The aircraft veered off the right side of the runway and onto the grass. The aircraft then slid along the runway and veered off to the left side. The left main landing gear entered the grass and the aircraft came to rest at an angle to the runway.

A runway inspection revealed standing water on the right side of the runway near the threshold. This incident highlights the importance of conducting a go-around as soon as landing conditions appear unfavourable.


Aviation Short Investigation Bulletin - Issue 28