Rail safety issues and actions


Issue number: RO-2013-028-SI-02
Who it affects: All owners and operators of freight trains
Issue owner: Genesee and Wyoming Australia
Transport function: Rail: Infrastructure
Background: Investigation Report RO-2013-028
Issue release date: 17 February 2015
Current issue status: Safety action pending
Issue status justification:

At the time of this report release, the safety action advised by GWA had not yet been fully implemented.

Safety issue description

The GWA guidance does not provide clear and unambiguous information for train crews on acceptable points approach speeds where sighting distance is reduced

Proactive Action

Action number: RO-2013-028-NSA-079
Action organisation: Genesee and Wyoming Australia
Date: 17 February 2015
Action status: Released

Genesee Wyoming Australia advises that they will be including this type of incident within their operational risk register and documentation, and will be implementing a critical safety zone behaviours workshop and program, incorporating lessons learnt from occurrence investigations.

GWA have also undertaken to provide clarification to train crews on acceptable approach speeds where there may be a requirement to stop before points with reduced sighting distance.

ATSB comment:

The ATSB is satisfied that, when implemented, the actions proposed by Genesee Wyoming Australia should address this safety issue.

Last update 25 February 2015