Rail safety issues and actions

Flaw in Caution Order form

Issue number: RO-2013-027-SI-02
Who it affects: ARTC network controllers
Issue owner: Australian Rail Track Corporation
Transport function: Rail: Infrastructure
Background: Investigation Report RO-2013-027
Issue release date: 13 January 2015
Current issue status: Adequately addressed

Safety issue description

A caution order instrument was used that lacked a specific requirement for train crews to check the points along their route. This requirement becomes critical under circumstances of signalling system degradation.

Proactive Action

Action organisation: Australian Rail Track Corporation
Date: 13 January 2015
Action status: Closed

ARTC has made changes to the Signalman’s Caution Order (Form number 2377). The changes include a requirement for the NCO, when issuing a Signalman’s Caution Order, to ensure the following actions are undertaken:

  • That route-setting is checked as to its compatibility with the gauge of the train about to receive the Signalman’s Caution Order
  • That route integrity has been verified by reference to the Phoenix display
  • That the driver of the train has been advised to ensure that all points to be traversed are correctly set
  • That confirmation is to be noted in the new check box area provided on Form 2377 adjacent to each of these requirements.

ATSB comment:

The ATSB is satisfied with the action taken by ARTC to address the safety issue.

Last update 25 February 2015