Rail safety issues and actions

Track patrols

Issue number: RO-2013-026-SI-02
Who it affects: Track managers
Issue owner: Australian Rail Track Corporation
Transport function: Rail: Infrastructure
Background: Investigation Report RO-2013-026
Issue release date: 13 January 2016
Current issue status: Adequately addressed
Issue status justification:

The additional training and audit activity should improve measurement of track gauge and compliance with network maintenance requirements by track patrols.

Safety issue description

Track patrol processes were ineffective at detecting and remedying the wide gauge defect at the derailment location. Track patrols were overly reliant on the AK Car geometry recording vehicle to trigger maintenance action on this track geometry defect.  

Proactive Action

Action number: RO-2013-026-NSA-100
Action organisation: Australian Rail Track Corporation
Date: 13 January 2016
Action status: Closed

Track inspection staff and infrastructure maintainers in Geelong and Melbourne have been retrained in how to undertake track geometry measurements. In addition, ARTC advised of their ongoing refresher training in the application of key parts of the ARTC Code of Practice for track maintenance.

ARTC advised that this refresher training will be rolled out across all locations ensuring staff are regularly kept up-to-date on their requirements to apply the key safety criteria.

ARTC also advised that audits have been undertaken to ensure compliance with maintenance requirements.

ATSB comment:

ATSB is satisfied that the advised safety actions will address the safety issue.

Last update 19 October 2016