Rail safety issues and actions

Post emergency debrief and findings

Issue number: RO-2013-005-SI-12
Who it affects: All railway network owners and operators responsible for the management and coordination of operational training and emergency communications.
Issue owner: Queensland Rail Limited
Transport function: Rail: Other
Background: Investigation Report RO-2013-005
Issue release date: 20 December 2013
Current issue status: Safety action pending

Safety issue description

The Queensland Rail internal emergency debrief following the Cleveland station collision identified issues related to working with external agencies but did not address critical communication shortfalls within train control and between train control and the staff located at the Cleveland station accident site.

Response to safety issue by Queensland Rail

Queensland Rail has implemented an Emergency Preparedness and Response Plans (EPRP) for all City Network Stations and continues to implement an integrated process for addressing communication protocols during emergence incident response.

Lessons learnt during incident debriefing will be captured in Queensland Rail’s newly developed Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) system which will replace a number of existing systems currently capturing this information.


ATSB comment in response:

The ATSB notes that Queensland Rail is developing a Governance Risk and Compliance system and that this system aims to address communication shortfalls between staff located at network control and accident sites.


Action number: RO-2013-005-SR-023
Action organisation: Queensland Rail
Date: 20 December 2013
Action status: Monitor

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau recommends that Queensland Rail undertake further work to address this safety issue.

Last update 25 February 2015