On 7 December 2013, the pilot of a Cessna 182 aircraft, registered VH-LMA, departed Albury, New South Wales on a private flight to the Tyabb aeroplane landing area (ALA), Victoria. The flight was being conducted under the instrument flight rules (IFR), and on board were the pilot and one passenger.

After the aircraft had left controlled airspace and with about 6 NM to run, the pilot levelled the aircraft at 1,100 ft to prepare to join the circuit on an extended left base leg for runway 17.

When on final approach, he checked the secondary windsock and noted the wind was predominantly crosswind from the right, gusting around 5-10 knots. With the final stage of flap selected, the aircraft touched down on the main wheels about 20-30 metres past the runway threshold, close to the centreline. The pilot estimated the aircraft speed at touchdown was about 65 knots. During the landing roll, he applied a small amount of right aileron to counter the crosswind.

When the aircraft had slowed he began to apply the brakes. At about the same time, a gust of wind pushed the aircraft to the left. The pilot applied right rudder in an attempt to steer the aircraft back to the centreline, but stated the aircraft pulled to the left and felt like the left brake had locked. The aircraft rapidly decelerated, and continued along a path through the wet grass a few metres to the left of the sealed runway. As it stopped, the aircraft nosed forward, and then tipped over onto its back.

The pilot and his passenger were hanging upside down in their seatbelts. A person who had been waiting for the aircraft to arrive assisted the young passenger and then the pilot. The pilot and passenger sustained minor injuries, and the aircraft was substantially damaged.

A search of the ATSB database for fixed wing, private operation accidents, 2004 to 2013 found the landing phase accounted for 33% of all accidents. The take-off and initial climb phases together accounted for 25% of accidents from this group.

Aviation Short Investigations Bulletin - Issue 29