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Identification of pitot probe in the trouble shooting manual

Issue number: AO-2013-212-SI-01
Who it affects: Maintenance engineers
Issue owner: Airbus
Operation affected: Aviation: Air transport
Background: Investigation Report AO-2013-212
Date: 06 May 2016

Safety issue description

The relevant tasks in the trouble shooting manual did not specifically identify the pitot probe as a potential source of airspeed indication failure.

Proactive Action

Action organisation: Airbus
Action number: AO-2013-212-NSA-01
Date: 06 May 2016
Action status: Closed

Airbus modified the A330/A340 trouble shooting manual (TSM) at the OCT 01/14 Revision to introduce the following improvements:

  • The maintenance message "ADIRU1 (1FP1) BUS ADR" (class 1 or class 2) is now associated with the cockpit effect "NAV - ADIRS - Red SPD flag shown on CAPT PFD" to trigger the TSM task procedure 34-10-00-810-995-A. The same association has been made for the maintenance message "ADIRU2 (1FP2) BUS ADR" (class 1 or class 2) and the cockpit effect "NAV - ADIRS - Red SPD flag shown on F/O PFD"
  • The TSM task 34-10-00-810-995-A (Altitude or Airspeed Loss and/or Discrepancy between CAPT PFD - F/O PFD - STDBY/ISIS) now refers to the pitot probes as a possible root cause.

ATSB response:

The ATSB notes the changes made by Airbus to the TSM and considers that the issue is adequately addressed.

Current issue status: Adequately addressed
Status justification:

The actions taken significantly reduce the risk of pitot probe related problems remaining undetected during investigation of airspeed loss or discrepancy events. 

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Last update 06 May 2016